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15 January, 2011

A Month in Brisbane

It's been a month plus since we arrived in Brisbane and I'm glad we had finally moved into our new house six days ago. Though we had no furniture in the last few days, we managed to organize our things and unpack our luggges. We finally made a trip to Bunnings and ikea to get all our storages and got all we need for the house before our shipment arrives next week.

It's been nice so far though we were very sad about the current flood crisis in Queensland. Though we may not be as emotional as the locals here we could feel the sadness and pain. Just two weeks ago, we were still strolling, walking and jogging along the riverbanks and traveling in the city ferries but now, all is gone. It will be a while before things are up and running again. The city is still closed and the workers are doing their best to restore powers, clean up the debris and help those who are affected by the floods.

This week, we managed to get our home essentials. Hubby got his Samsung tv and I got my LG stainless steel fridge. I am very happy with my french door fridge and the washing machine had arrived in time too. In a few days' time, the shipment will arrive and we will be busy with all the unpacking and organzing work. And soon, Clayton will be starting and I can't wait for that day to come!

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