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15 January, 2011

School Holidays are Out Soon

While kids are happy about holidays, the adults or parents aren't. Clayton is out of school for more than six weeks and I can see that boredom has caused him more trouble than good. Children like routine and when they are out of it, they go wacko.

We went for the interview with the headmaster two days ago and I was so glad that he was well behaved. I am praying everyday that he'll settle down well in his new school and I pray that he will like it there too. He's so bored that he's been irritating us with all kinds of ways and he's probably trying to get our attention. Sometimes he plays pretend games with DH such as wrestler game though he spends lots of time with his lego pieces. I know he can't wait for his toys to arrive from Malaysia.

Carindale is a nice place and we are just a couple of minutes to the bulimia creek. I took a few walks at the creek and bush lands and it was nice. Once we settle down, we will get our bikes and do some family biking fun at the parks. Tomorrow we will be attending Citipointe Church and I heard that they have a very active kids program. I know that Clayton is going to enjoy it and hopefully we can settle down well with a ministry that is close to our individual heart.

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