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20 January, 2011

Container Had Arrived!

After a few weeks of waiting, the container had finally arrived two days ago! It's both excitement and stress for us as we know that the real work will begin!

The only person who is happy and stress free is my six year old who can't wait to reunite with his toys... he was so happy when the container arrived. We didn't have time to think once the shipment came... there was more load than we expected! The delivery was smooth and it was rather mind boggling at first to see those huge boxes entering the doorway. It wasn't long that those boxes were unpacked and we could see bits and pieces of our furniture coming together. My worse fears was the big king bed but they were delivered and moved to the room without much problems. I have to appreciate hubby for fixing the bed so quickly cos the packers claimed that they couldn't help to assemble brand new furniture. And we were told a different story when we confirmed the contract with the packers in Malaysia. Thank God the assembly wasn't a complicated one. We were most thankful that we weren't held up at the customs. Neither did the flood crisis affect our container timing.

The next few days will be lots of unpacking for us as we try to fit everything into our townhouse. Hubby must be pretty stressed as I can see the acne on his face - haha! Maybe I should find him some natural acne treatments since he's been working so hard to put everything in place. I don't think he'll have time to feel homesick when there's so much to do. At the point of writing, there are more than a dozen bags of junk paper to be dumped and they are all sitting in the garage for now!

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