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30 March, 2011

Settling Down and Our Brissy Lifestyle

In less than two weeks' time, Clayton will be having his first school holidays here in Brisbane and it's just been so fast that we have ended one school term.

The month of March is ending which means we are entering the fourth month of our stay in Brisbane. It's been very good so far and everyone of us has more or less settled down here. My daily routine has been similar to that of Malaysia but it's somehow more 'relaxed' and calm. We do most of the meals at home and I like to explore different recipes and doing different things. Our home office is smaller but in a nicer layout with lots of light coming through - that's a good thing. With the weather in our favour, I don't feel so lethargic and it's conducive to do more outdoor stuff.

We finally bought Clayton a new bike and he's so happy about it. The new bike is at a good 50% discount and I'm glad he's got more opportunities to ride in the park now. The old bike is too small and he's just not improving his riding skills with it. I'm looking forward to some family cycling in the school holidays and perhaps we should start getting a bicycle rack for the car.

The lifestyle is good for those who love the outdoors. I mean, outdoor activities like cycling, swimming and sports are so popular among families so there's more to do on the weekends. It's common for people to shop for pool supplies, pool lifts, sports equipment, camping stuff...etc. It's casual, relaxed and not pretentious.

I'm planning for a short getaway during the school holidays and it's just so hard to decide with so many options out there. Sunshine Coast, Far North or the Gold Coast.... it's not easy to decide with all these great destinations at the doorstep!

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