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29 March, 2011

Settling In To the Dailies

After three and a half months of living here, there are few important things that we have yet to sort out and one of them is to get ourselves a private healthcare.

With so many choices out there, it can be hard arriving to a decision on who you should buy it from. Moreover, different people will offer different opinions on the healthcare benefits. I am thankful that we have been very well health wise since arriving here except for that allergy trigger Alex had when he was down with gout. God is good and He has taken very good care of us. The locals here are serious about social security disability and healthcare matters so this is something we need to learn along the way.

After visiting a few churches, we have finally decided to settle down in Worship Centre, pastored by Pastor Clark Taylor. It reminds me of Evangel in the early 90s and we are comfortable of the lack of contemporary loud music prevalent in today's big churches. The older worship songs found familiarity to my ears as I notice that most churches tend to sing their 'own' songs these days. We attended the guests dinner hosted by the church once a month and it was a good time getting to know some people.

It's BSF again tomorrow. This week, I haven't finished all my questions due to my back neck early in the week. The visit to the chiro yesterday was filled with comfort and tears. It was great to get the treatment despite the pain I had to endure. But I was glad that I am on the road to recovery!

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