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28 March, 2011

Parenting in Brissy

After a couple of weeks of warm weather, it is feeling more like autumn yesterday and today. The temperature is dipping and I was glad i bought a bathrobe from Aldi last week. I got Clayton one too and he is loving the use of it after every shower.

Sometimes I feel that a mother needs to have a strong heart. If others don't need it, I do. I get emotional when he tells me sad stories and encounters he had in school and I often have to pray for strength for him and me. I find this parenting journey tiring at times but God has taught me so many things through my six year old. I learn how to accept him and love him for who he is because that's how the Father accepts me too. My responsibility as a mom is to pray with him and for him, stand by him and teach him how to love God. And I can't do that in my own strength and ability.

It's just been so fast that we will be married for eleven years in a few weeks' time. We won't be traveling far for a little celebration though I want to go somewhere near. Since it's school holidays, it will be a good opportunity to spend a night at a beach or mountain retreat. I think it would be hard getting a gift for DH though a friend suggests that I check out Swisher Sweets but I told her DH isn't a smoker.

Oh well...maybe I should surprise him with a deal from the deals site or buy him a voucher from a private shopping club. I think cooking him his favourite Assam fish or Curry Chicken may be what he really likes for a gift!

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