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26 May, 2011

Private Healthcare Insurance Settled

Finally, we got our private healthcare insurance settled after five and half months. It's hard to make a decision as there are so many private healthcare insurance providers here. We settled for HCF and the extras allowed us to make claims for chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy, dental and other natural therapies. I was even happier when they told me that I could claim for Clayton's swim classes!

The healthcare system here in Australia is supposedly quite good though the government encourages the citizens to take up private healthcare. The people can get 'free' treatment when they are ill in bulk bill clinics. So whether you are seeking for thrush treatment or other common ailments, Medicare covers the most part but you would need to pay for your own medication. And medication isn't cheap here.

We have yet to find a family doctor and maybe it's time to ask around and put one down in our family healthcare list. This is part and parcel of settling down in a new country.

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