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04 June, 2011

Busy with Friend's Visit

I have been busy the last few days as our first guests arrived from Singapore for a visit. My good friend had come to visit with her two girls and we have been doing quite a few things in the last few days.

For me, it's a busy time in the kitchen cooking dinners most nights except tonight and making sure they have enough to eat and visit some of the sights around Brisbane. Clayton has been so excited that he's been very distracted. It's hard to contain the excitement within him so I just have to make sure he's not crossing the boundaries too much!

I'm glad that I can find a little time to sit down and do some online work when everyone is resting and retiring early. It's my moment of space and quietness, something I treasure very much. We did have a lot of wonderful moments together and I wish we can do more while taking things easy. It's hard cos it's not school holidays and we have to plan all the sightseeing around Clayton's school time and schedule.

Now that I can put my feet up high, I'm ordering some Sambucol online for Clayton. Then it's an early snooze and let's hope my kitchen can rest and close tomorrow! I just don't like to cook or clean on the weekends and I hope DH will appreciate that.

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