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22 June, 2011

Cooking and Baking in Brisbane

It's been ages since I last wrote and the month has passed so fast that we are already at the last week of June 2011.

This has been a very exciting and busy month for us as our close friend from Singapore came to visit us with her two girls. They are our first visitors in Brisbane and it was nice seeing familiar faces and spending time together. I only wished it was school hols for Clayton as we had to plan trips around his school time table. Nevertheless, they had a good break here and the kids didn't wanna go home!

I've been so busy cooking and baking this month and I was inspired to delve into a Pandan chiffon cake after watching Masterchef one evening. I snipped off my pandan leaves in the garden and went online to search for the 'best' recipe for a Pandan chiffon cake. So many entries came for that search term and I started experimenting with the first which led to the second, the third and so forth. To date, I had made 5 pandan chiffon cakes and I can almost say which one is the most yummy Pandan chiffon cake. For me, a good Pandan chiffon has to be soft, cottony, moist and a smooth texture.

This evening, I made my 5th pandan chiffon cake and it turned out to be the best I had made so far :) It was very soft, fluffy and delicious.... I am delighted! The next time, I will experiment with different kinds of chiffon. Perhaps I should also learn how to make sugar free truffles during the school holidays! Truffles are always a favourite in the family and what more, sugar free ones!

Enough said, my love for cooking and baking is growing everyday and I am simply thankful for these wonderful experiences and indulgences in Brisbane.

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