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16 July, 2011

My Green Tea Dacquoise and Orange Almond Cake

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting photos of my baking and cooking... due to the big file size of the photos, it takes long time just to upload them and sometimes, I just have to hurry off to my next task.

Here are some photos of my green tea dacquoise and orange almond butter cakes. My yuzu chiffon cake photo is still in my iPhone and I will copy them the next time. I haven't been on my iMac much these three weeks as my little man tends to 'share' my computer in the afternoons. Maybe we should look into some cheap desktops and get one for him so that he won't need to use mine. Then again, there are already five computers in this mini home office so I don't think we should add one more!

Gotta go for now... I'm gonna whip up a chocolate souffle on this cold winter's night... definitely a nice comfort food on a cold Saturday night!


Kess And Her Mama said...

Looks like you're doing lots more baking now. Looks delicious!

WAHM said...

Hey Liz, Yes, I've been baking almost everyday, enjoy learning new recipes and experimenting. I suppose I found a new passion :)