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16 July, 2011

Baking and More Baking from OKASHI

So I found a new love - baking :) This started since I got hold of Keiko Ishida's Okashi and I'm loving those yummy recipes everyday!

The oven is sending out nice fragrance of butter cakes and chiffon and it's a nice feeling for me. Yesterday I made another yuzu chiffon cake for DH's aunt and it turned out better than the previous :) I'm still awaiting my yuzu juice in the post and soon, I'll be able to use the pure yuzu juice for my baking :) I'm also trying to order the yuzu concentrate from Singapore. Can you see how crazy I am when I'm passionate about something... it's just so fun whipping up those delicious cakes from home! The best thing about this whole baking frenzy is that, I never know I can bake pillowy soft chiffon! I am so glad I have learned how to bake this delicate cake :)

IN the last few weeks, I had baked green tea dacquoise (little french cakes), japanese milky madeleines, orange almond butter cakes...etc. They all turned out very well though DH didn't like the rough texture of the butter cake. For me, the orange peel in the cake was refreshing and I love it. I could eat that because it was loaded with lots of butter! It was a light butter cake that was refreshing and the apricot glaze was so appetizing!

So much about cakes, I ought to be checking out some information on auto lifts for DH while he's enjoying Cars 2 with my little man. He had waited so long to watch this with his little friend and I hope they have a great time!

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