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16 July, 2011

Bunya Mountains and More Cooking

Three week have passed so quick and school is starting for my little man on Monday! While DH thinks it will be 'peace' at last in the home office, I think it's been great having him around. It can be distracting when we need to work but I'm happy to be sleeping and taking it easy in the mornings!

My baking frenzy continues and this week, I experimented with Yuzu chiffon cake after our trip to Bunya Mountains! Oh, bunya mountains was a nice break though I didn't quite enjoy the cold. It was down to 2 deg at night and I was really upset that DH didn't agree to bring our portable heater with us! He was sorry about it and I hope that he will take my advice next time! We did lots of trails and walks and the kids had a great time. They were such good trekkers and we were so proud of them.

The cooking had been fun though I didn't enjoy cleaning up when I'm on holidays :) I don't mind doing this once in a while but too many of these and I won't feel like I'm on vacation! Plus, we had to do so much packing before the trip as we were staying in a self contained villa. On the overall, the trip was pleasant and we had lots of nice family time together. Having the pressure cooker with us was a blessing as we could do our beef goulash, chicken casserole and pumpkin soup with no hassle! This sort of holiday reminds me of our cousin's vacation at branson lake homes at pinnshores.com. They did cooking and cleaning in between their vacations too!

I'm loving my Tefal Clipso pressure cooker and just last week, my Fagor Duo 4 L came! Now I have two pressure cookers to alternate and I'm still hoping to get a Kuhn Rikon someday! But now, I'm happy with what I have and tomorrow, I'll be attempting Lor Ma Fun and I have a good feeling that it's going to turn out fine :)

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