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07 July, 2011

Fun with Baking Chiffon Cakes and Pressure Cooking!

Well, I'm into some serious baking lately and I am glad to be doing this while keeping myself busy as a work at home mom!

I love making chiffon cakes these days and the Okashi book has been a real inspiration! How I wish I can attend a class by Keiko Ishida though I know that she's back in Tokyo now. I had tried out her Green Tea Dacquoise, chocolate almond cookies, almond snow balls, hazelnut cookies, black sesame chiffon, green tea souffle roll, matcha chiffon and today, the apple brownies!

I haven't had time to post the photos but I hope to do that in my next post! Today, I made another pandan chiffon and a tray of apple brownies for our Bunya Mountains trip tomorrow. The pandan chiffon turned out very well in my angel cake tin and since using this new tin, the top of my chiffon had not cracked - I am delighted! I hope to bake my mom a nice chiffon cake when I return to Singapore end of the year! I look forward to going back for some good shopping and I must remember to order our home address signs,

Believe it or not, it's 45 minutes to midnight and I'm off to cook a pot of beef rendang for our trip. This is made possible by my Tefal Clipso Easy and since buying this pressure cooker, cooking has been pleasurable and more fun! I'll share more on why I love my pressure cooker next time. Right now, I need to rush off to chop up the meats, blend the spices and do some real cooking!

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