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05 November, 2012

Bread Making and ....

I finally know why bread making is addictive. It all started when I saw my blogger friend's bread roll photos in Facebook and I was hooked since. The only thing is, I can't eat them fast enough before I get my hands on the next dough.

I had never hand kneaded a bread dough and it was quite an experience. The method I was keen to experiment was called the Tangzhong 65C method, aka water roux method. This method produced lovely soft bread like the ones you get from Asian bakeries, such as the ones in Breadtalk or Breadtop (in brisbane). I'm not a big fan of sweet breads but I just love making them!

It's amazing to know that we are into term 4 of school and in a few weeks' time, school will end. This has been an exciting year of ups and downs, joys and pains for me as a year 2 parent. I struggled and thrived in many situations but through it all, I learn to trust more.

For now, I'm preparing for my long trip home though I have been too busy with lots of other daily stuff. I might have to put my Christmas list on the paper and as usual, gift ideas such as best fragrance oil, accessories, lego for kids will be in it. And yes, my little boy turned eight last month and whenever I looked at him, I realized he had grown taller in the last few months. I missed those baby and toddler days, though I love every stage of his growing up. Parenting is both a joy and pain and like food, it can taste nice whether bitter or sweet.

My favourite bread from my oven: Hong Kong Pai Bao

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