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15 October, 2012

There's a time to say 'goodbye'

It was the first time we had visitors since moving to this part of Brissy. DH's nephew and his family had visited us during the China golden week holidays and we were excited to see them again.

Clayton was delighted as he hit off so well with the two girls and they had so much good fun together. They played hot wheels, Lego and he even taught the girls how to play Monopoly. I could see that he enjoyed their company so much but I had to pray that he weren't be too sad when they leave.

It was so timely for them to visit during Clayton's spring holidays and we could take them to sunshine coast, spent time in GC and did some touristy thing in Brisbane city. The weather was nice and I was glad to see the smiles on everyone's faces. The kids enjoyed the beaches and they didn't care about the cold water in the surf... all they wanted was to plunge into the ocean with the body boards! We went shopping in Eumundi, checked out some crafts, homemade chutneys, excellent groove hats, jewelry, watched Clayton's classmate basked with her beautiful voice, did the kiddy rock climbing...etc. It was just one of those holidays you wished you could linger a little longer.

When it was time to say good bye at the airport, I could see the sadness and disappointment in my boy's eyes. The girls wished they could stay longer in Brissy and Clayton was sad that he had no one to play with again. I had to comfort him and told him that this was part of life... we learn to say good byes when we have to... and wish we can meet each other 'again'.

A week had passed. I asked him last weekend if he was still sad about the girls' leaving... and he said, "not so much anymore".... time heals.

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