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19 January, 2007

Diva's dreams

I'm constantly on the look out for fashion and lifestyle blogs. By now, you know that I adore fashion, I enjoy watching trends but not necessary following them. I like to be original, creative and being myself when it comes to dressing up.

In my early years of adulthood, I love colours. Then I started to embrace neutral and monotones. I love my wardrobe of blacks, earthy tones and some contrasting warm colours. Unconventional lines and cuts define my creativity and style, I like being different.

It is nice to know that there is a new blog 'The Diva's Dreams by Belisi' which features tips and fashion ideas for modern, independent, smart and stylish women. In addition to things related to fashion, it covers home decor, gourmet entertaining and etiquette stories. You can find lots of fresh information on the hottest designers, wardrobe ideas and even how to throw a successful party that gets everyone talking about it.

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