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19 January, 2007

What is beautiful to you?

One of my favourite things is shopping. Like most women, I love beautiful things, fashion, stylish things, trends and sophisticated stuff.

Having said that, I'm not exactly a keen follower of fashion. The truth is beauty is subjective. Beauty isn't about perfect features, made-up face or being adorn with branded clothings and accessories. It may sound cliche to say beauty is within but everyone has a unique definition of beauty.

Belisi asks, 'What's Beautiful to You'? Oh yes, who is Belisi? Peter Belisi is known for his exquisite and high-quality designs and luxury apparels, yet with a simple definition of beauty. To him, "there's more to beauty than glitz and glamour."

For me, beauty is being real, down-to-earth, looking outwards and living a balanced life. This brings to my mind about a good friend I have in Singapore. She is one of the most sophisticated lady I know. Yet, she's always thinking of others, always giving, never thinks highly of herself despite her high professional position in the corporate world. Her friendship is so beautiful to me after 10 years and she's a role model I look to all these years.

The name BELISI originated from the Italian word 'bellissimo' which means "very beautiful". BELISI means sophisticated, classic, beautiful. So what is beautiful to you?

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