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13 February, 2007

Kudos to my dear boy!

Yesterday, my husband walked into the door after picking Clayton from his Mandarin Class and said, "Clayton has graduated from level 1". This means that Clayton can recognize and read 100 chinese characters. I was thrilled. In fact, I was overjoyed!

He has started going for Mandarin class since he was 19months and we did that for the purpose of giving ourselves some 'quiet' time to work. But it turns out that he is enjoying himself in the class and being the youngest (his classmates are 3 years and above), he is also the teachers' favourite.

This goes to show that the learning abilities of children are amazing. They absorb like a sponge - good and bad. Some time back, some professor wrote in an article that it would be needless for children below 3 to be exposed to educational programs as they would not learn or retain anything. I thought this was baloney! This professor needed to unlearn what he had learnt, to know that his findings were absurd and untrue!

Clayton is in level 2 now, that means 200 more chinese characters when he completes... I can't wait to chat with him in Mandarin soon.

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Wokking Mum said...

Wow! That's really smart! Well done!