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14 March, 2007

I respect pet rescue lovers

I don't have a dog but I do have a lot of respect for pet and dog rescue lovers. There is an 'Adopt a Pet' booth in a nearby neighbourhood who would exhibit a few rescued cats and dogs in an expatriate mall every Saturday. According to the volunteers, some of these pets are abused and some found on the streets, so the team will provide them shelter til the pets get adopted.

Well, you may not a pet rescue volunteer to play your part in helping these rescued animals. Big Paw Designs, the online store for unique pet accessories has specially created The Woof Fleur de Lis charm and keychain with a portion of the proceeds to be donated to New Orleans pet resuce organization. The donations will then be used to provide a better shelter for these pets. And if you like to adopt a dog, USED DOGS has some well-trained dogs ready for adoption.

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Insurance Guru said...

I am totally on board with you!!! My wife and I got both of our dogs from a shelter. They're both the best, most loving/lovable dogs we could have ever hoped for!