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19 March, 2007

Learn SEO from a Singaporean Geek

My fellow Singaporean blogger friend, who is also residing in Malaysia sure has a lot to teach and share when it comes to Google Page Ranking and Alexa Score. What I find it useful is his post on how we should learn to thank our visitors when they take the time to drop by our blogs. Even it's a simple 'Thank You', it is a nice gesture that goes a long way.

I must say that SEO is more than just links, links and links. It's about putting in the effort to get to know others, learn about a new community, network with other bloggers and building a relationship.

Like to learn more about SEO from the geek himself, check it out here.


Adam said...

I do make an effort to thank all my commentators and I guess it works. Many do come back again.

dorischua said...

Yea.. I agree with you, Adam. I must make a conscious effort to do that from now on! Thanks for dropping by!