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09 March, 2007

Speakers' week...

This week seems like a speakers' week for me and DH. We have several 'bad' news with regards to speakers and sometimes, you wonder why all similar events take place at the same time. We aren't able to engage a selected speaker for an event this September, and yesterday, we were saddened by a piece of sad news on the cancellation of our internet event. 2 of the speakers decided not to come with reasons of their own.

Somehow, it upsets me as I expect professional speakers to hold their integrity. We have spent lots of time, efforts and money in marketing the event and all they do is, give you a call and say they can't come anymore. These speakers, no matter who they are, how successful they have been, ought to learn what real professionalism truly is.

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bokjae said...

So sorry to hear of your disappiontment! Yes! professionals do not do such things! a committment is a committment! Pray that you'll get someone more reliable and dependable!