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03 March, 2007

A visit to Bro Bokjae's new place

I just got home from visiting a nice couple whom we know for a few years. Bro Bokjae is a retiree who is now a full-time carer for his dear wife, whom we call Sis Rock, since she had a stroke a couple of years ago. Bro Bokjae has been a wonderful husband and companion and we respected him alot for what he's doing and done for his wife and family.

We had a brief chat about blogging and internet marketing stuff and I could see that Bro Bokjae was eager to tap on the online business opportunities. He is a forward-looking person and always eager to learn new things. I seriously admire him for his patience and hunger to learn and grow even at the ripe age of 50s.

I sincerely pray that he will achieve his goals and objectives in launching his new website in the weeks to come. I trust that with his dedication and perseverance, he would soon be savvy in his internet business pursuit.

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