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04 March, 2007

When you drive, don't drink!

We often hear about the campaign "If you drink, don't drive". Infact, during my last trip to Australia, I noticed that the Aussie government put up very strong and firm warnings about this in big billboards and newspaper advertisements on this issue.

Even in Singapore, if you are caught drinking and driving, your driving license will be revoked for 2 years and if you are caught for the second time, you serve a jail sentence.

Why are the authorities so firm about about this? This is because far too many lives are robbed and countless accidents on the road are caused by drink drivers. I read about a sad story of a 18 year old girl in Seattle, who was left bedridden and her face disfigured while in her prime, and the accident happened on her graduation day. The news was devastating to her parents who pinned high hopes on their only daughter. They sought help from a Seattle accident lawyer to deliver justice for this matter. The experienced accident lawyer had successfully sought for a recovery compensation for the family. The sad thing was this young girl's life had never been the same again after this serious accident. She remained bedridden all her life but thankfully, the money received with the help of the lawyer firm could help to repair her facial appearance through professional plastic surgery.

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