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13 May, 2007

Back from Singapore

Just got back from Singapore and I'm blogging again!

It was a fruitful trip. We had officially started a new business in Singapore and this deal had finalized faster than we could imagine or think. Looking back, I met up with my good friend a month ago and from that dinner, we ended being business partners! I have known RL for 20 years and I never dreamt that we would reconnect back in this manner after a long communication break of 10 years. I can see that he is doing so well in his consulting firm and I am truly proud of him.

Moving forward, I am excited to launch our first event in November and getting this new business up and going in the next few months.

More reports on the trip coming soon...

1 comment:

Sweetpea said...

hope you had a great day today, doris. and great to hear everything is unfolding smoothly :)
thanks for the wishes!