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22 May, 2007

Drug Rehab program at Stone Hawk

Nothing in life can touch someone more than compassion. So when someone is going struggling to overcome a drug addiction problem or other challenges such as alcoholism, what the patient needs is a counsellor or trained person who not only can understand the struggle, but somone who has 'been there, done that'.

At this Stone Hawk, the Narconon program is a tried and tested drug rehab treatment program that has brought about a success rate of more than 70% and what is important is graduates left and stay clean. The program focuses on the total wellbeing of the patient, without the use of drugs. A careful medical check up is necessary before going through the program. The drug addiction treatment involves a body detox, cleaning the body, following a healthy and wholesome diet, and including regular fitness to strengthen the mental and physical aspects of the student. I believe a 'drug free' approach to definitely the way to go to not only stay clean but build physical health in the long run.

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