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22 May, 2007

Facts on breast augmentation

More women are choosing to nurse their children as they come to understand the benefits and superiority of mother's milk. But I would like to honest about this reality of how nursing can also alter the physical appearance of the women's body. It is common that some women may experience a difference in breast's size and the loss of volume after pregnancy and nursing. As such, some have sought to correct this through breast augmentation in Los Angeles or elsewhere.

It must be understood that all surgeries carry a certain level of risks, as quoted by a Los Angeles breast augmentation website. Some may encounter a capsular contracture, a common problem which refers to the scar around the implant tighens up. If there is any excessive bleeding, an operation may be needed to stop this. And if an infection occurs at any time after the surgery, the implants may need to remove for a while before a new implant is inserted again.

More details on this subject can be found at the website of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery who also performs Beverly Hills liposuction, face lift, botox, rhinoplasty and a host of other beauty and cosmetic treatments in the district of the rich and famous.

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