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02 June, 2007

Backup as you go

DH has been complaining about the technical errors and glitches from his laptop. Some time back, he opened a file from an email accidentally he received and lo and behold, it was a virus-infected document! Files were infected, documents appeared funny and at last, he had to reformat the entire hard disk. It was frustrating and presented alot of problems as most of those documents were business-related.

So the solution to hiccups like these can be as simple and hassle-free for Backing up is easier than you think these days. I stumble upon this fantastic online backup service where you can 'pay as you go'. What it means is that you only pay when you need to use the service, and only for $2 per Gb. The nice thing about this is that the backup is automatic even when your computer is idle, which means you don't need to keep backing up your documents manually. It is automatic!

As secure as it can be, it uses the strongest encryption methods whereby no one, not even the administrator can have access to your account. It is private and safe, only for your accessibility.

Sign up for a 14 day trial now for your Easy Online Backup on unlimited computers and mulitple users activation!

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