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03 June, 2007

commitment of modern parents

It's really not easy being parents these days. I never quite thought about the long term parenting commitment until I talked to some friends in church. Many of them are already planning for their kids' education from the start with most saving hard to send their kids overseas for further studies. For those who can't afford, they would consider taking a loan from the bank.

I know of some friends who took up student loans to finance themselves through Uni. I was fortunate to get a private loan from a friend or else I may have to do the same. Actually, banks are offering student loan consolidation plans these days as monthly payments are lowered and even interest rates are locked at a fixed rate. The best thing about it is that even parents can consider this to help their children in their pursuit of higher education while saving thousands of dollars. And applying for student loan consolidation can even be done online now with few easy steps without going through the complicated process of credit checks, co-signer... etc.

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