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03 June, 2007

What an achievement! Read on!

I didn't believe this when I read this: A 14 year old boy from Philippines has a PR4 on his blog and he has known how to make money online? Huh, it got me thinking, what was I doing at 14 years old! i was too busy with making friends, school activites, having fun, maybe a vacation job was closest but with that vision, this guy must be something! So I check him out and my, was I impressed with his skillful writing and know what, not only does he have a PR4, his technorati ranking is less than 5K! Awesome! Well done, Carl.

If you are well impressed by this boy's achievement, hop over to his blog and find out more. And there is an extra bonus if you go a step further to check him out, that is, to write a review about him and he'll give you a linkback on his PR4 blog.

But seriously, even if there is no perk like this, I still would buzz this on my blog. I applaud you, Carl.... btw, I like mango shake and the BBQ chicken in Philippines, had visited Davao and Cebu way back in the 90s... maybe it's about time to drop by again :)

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