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03 June, 2007

A week has passed

It's home alone for me and Clayton again... as usual, it's free and easy day and we can do what we like and go where we wanna go cos dh is not in :)

I took him to lunch after church. So glad that he was able to go to the 3-4 Sunday school class by himself, even tho' this was the second time. My little boy is growing up.

The first week of school hols is over and in one week's time, he will be back in nursery in the afternoons, that means 3 hours free for me to do my stuff. Though it wasn't as quiet as I liked it to be, the first week was not as bad as I anticipated. I supposed I was prepared to be distracted so it wasn't that frustrating.

So, it's another week to go... this time, he'll be at home ALL DAY, as the mandarin classes in the morning will close for a week. I guess less time to myself and work, and paid reviews.

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