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06 June, 2007

My first pair of Birkenstock :)

Finally.... I bought myself a pair of Birkenstock. Well, actually it's Birkis to be exact. It's made by Birkenstock but Birkis is known as the 'designer's range'. I know if my friend, Tracy, who is now in China, reads this, she will be laughing at me... but see, I can't resist cool shoes lah...

After hearing so much good things about Birkenstock sandals by my two good friends from Singapore, I have been visiting the shop everytime I'm back in Singapore. Now that Birkenstock opens up in Malaysia, I will take every opportunity to check out the new collections whenever I'm 'alone'. Wondering why? That is becos I will never get the chance to spend more than 5 minutes in the shop if DH is with me. And yes, I bought my Dorian Birkis when he was away :)

I haven't worn it but you, my readers, are the first to know. What do you think of my Dorian Birkis?


Samm said...


sesame said...

This design is very nice. I like...must try it out next time myself. I got my Gizeh from the store. Next time I'm going to order online. Cheaper.

Sweetpea said...

I LURVE!!!! can ask how much arr??

dorischua said...

Sesame: is it ah - I must check it out!

Samm: Go buy!

Sweetpea: I paid RM319 but sesame said that it would be cheaper online.