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06 June, 2007

rent a macBook

I've been a Mac user since I first learnt how to move and click a mouse. Mac lovers will tell you how hard it is to switch platforms as we are so used to the Apple interface design, or maybe it's just a personal preference. The thing is it is not convenient for me to bring my MacBook when I travel as I need to travel light with a child. So with business meetings or presentations, or even trade shows, I always have to worry about where I can find laptop.

Imagine how hassle free and useful it would be to know of a specialist who provides MacBook Pro rentals, laptops and notebooks rentals, Tablet PC rentals and Mac Pro for those who prefer desktop computers. Besides that, the laptops can be powered with all the software for your work and computing, be it Microsoft Office or Photoshop, and they are equipped with wireless technology or video cards. The best thing is that the laptop can be delivered nationwide to major cities and convention centers, no matter where you are. And for special convention and event needs, Innovation Rentals can customized the equipment to your requirements.

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