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11 June, 2007

returning to education

It is common for working professionals to return to the academic field after working for a few years. I have a few friends who are pursuing their MBAs while holding to their full time jobs. It is tough attending classes in the evening with commitments at their full time work plus family. My girl friend, Liza, have been keen to further their education while still being home to her children.

Since Capella University is a full fledged online University who offers a wide array of courses including business, IT, human resource in graduate and bachelor's degree, I should suggest that she takes a look at their established programs. It is understood that the Uni has more than 17,900 students all across 50 states internationally in 56 countries. With that reputation, I believe she can be rest assured that her academic goals can be realized through the reliable support network the Uni provides.

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