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10 July, 2007

blog on alcoholism

Take a look around you. Do you know of anyone who gets violent and start assaulting people when drunk? Chances is the person may be suffering from alcoholism or alcohol abuse.

Growing up as a little girl, this scenario didn't come new to me. Unfortunately, I grew up with a dad who was alcoholic and that affected our family relationships and wellbeing as a whole. There were countless occasions of dad returning home drunk, uttering nonsense, going haywire with his behaviour as he lost control of himself, physically and mentally.

Well, I only wish I was old enough to understand what alcoholism or alcohol abuse was all about earlier. Reading through a blog focusing on Alcohol Rehab, testimonies and stories of individuals share experiences of this social problem and how some had found help through alcohol treatment centers or rehabs. It was understood that alcoholism was not the end of road and when help was sought, this addiction problem could be addressed and the sufferer could have a normal life again.

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