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02 October, 2007

wanna splurge on a private jet charter?

There are many ways to travel these days. Whether it's by air, sea or land, the options are yours to pick, depending on your travel needs. Have you heard of Private Charter Flights? These are usually booked by companies - small or large, government agencies and travel companies for special trips. Other people who are repeat clients of these private charter flights include private families, performing artists, VIPs...etc. Actually, if you have the budget, taking a private jet to your honeymoon destination may be a real splurge for your bride-to-be!

With numerous flight options to choose, your choice of flight and itinerary will determine the pricing. What is great is that there is no payment before you travel and you are granted the flexibility to choose your private jet, from executive turboprops that cost $950 - $1,450 hourly to large cabin jets that cost $4,000 - $7,200 hourly. New Flight Charters is reputed for its wide selection of aircraft, safe flying, excellent service and best pricing. You can read from the list of impressive testimonies which explain why many companies are choosing New Flight Charters for their business and leisure trips.

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