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23 December, 2007

back on land on waikiki

Oh yes - we are back on land after seven days in the islands of Hawaii. So how was the cruise, you asked? My answer: fantastic! It was awesome! Though I enjoyed cruising in the islands, it did feel nice to be back in Waikiki, though it was just for a night.

We'll be heading to Los Angeles tomorrow to celebrate Christmas and honestly, I am excited. I know I'll miss Waikiki - it is such a lovely place to be. I hope to be back soon and will miss those lovely sunrises and sunsets. I have never taken so many photos of sunrise and sunsets for two weeks in a row!

Only thing is I have many many comments to moderate and some assignments to complete. Yes, I know I'm on vacation but I still need to do some work to cover my shopping splurges :) I really love those surf shops and cool shops here.

Enough for now, it's time to snooze so that I can maximize my time in Waikiki tomorrow.

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