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08 December, 2007

gurney drive at The Gardens

To those who crave for real Penang local fare but can't travel to Penang... take heart cos there's a new Penang joint in town that has opened up at the Gardens, the new wing next to Mid Valley Mall. Gurney Drive is an upmarket hawker fare restaurant. Upmarket because you will be paying nothing less than $10 for a bowl of Duck Drumstick noodles (ngap toi min) and $6 for a bowl of chendol. Believe it or not but 3 pieces of popiah will cost $15 (or was it $12) and $16 for a plate of Loh Bak.

Well, we tried it anyhow since it was my birthday lunch. The restaurant is huge and packed with corporate and entertainment crowd. It's not cheap for an executive or average waged worker to eat here though...

I must say that the quality of food is quite good though the prices are on the steep side. I know the Penangites will be comparing and wondering why people are paying 2-3 times the amount for a bowl of local fare but for those who live and work in KL, you may treat this as a lunch treat at the beginning or end of the month.

I had the Ngap Toi Min Sin and truly enjoyed the light herbal broth. The Loh Bak was freshly fried and one bite and you knew they were made of quality ingredients. DH had the Sar Hor fun which he commented was quite 'nice'. The Poh Piah wasn't that great for that price and DH claimed the Chendol was a refreshing treat.

So if you are desiring for some real Penang fare, now there's an option to Penang village and Little Penang. Check out Gurney Drive.

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