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29 January, 2008

Clayton poo in his potty by himself!

Oh, he did it, he did it, he did it! It's the beginning of a breakthrough for me!

For months, I've been stressed over this potty training saga. Clayton wouldn't tell me that he's going to poo poo or pee pee and like many moms, I had to clean up his mess. Everytime he goes to the toilet consistently, we'll be interrupted travel and other plans so we had to start all over again.

I have been talking to parents and teachers and everyone just kept saying 'be patient and dont' give up. Well, it's easier said than done cos I haven't got a maid and I have to work too.

So I was advised to offer him an attractive reward by a friend and I decided to try it this morning. I told him after his first poop in the diaper that I would take him to Kidzsports if he poo in the potty. I then heard a loud scream - "Mama, I poo poo" coming from downstairs while he was watching TV. I ran downstairs frantically thinking it would be done messily on the floor again cos I had taken off his diapers. But to my pleasant surprise, I saw the pants on the kitchen floor and his poo was in the potty! Can you imagine how delighted I was? He had never done it in this potty by himself and he did it this time and best still, he took off his pants without any help!

I pray that this potty training will be heading towards success with this little victory. And yes, we are off to Kidzsports this weekend!

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