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26 January, 2008

a day in a park in kepong

At one point, I was frustrated at DH for suggesting a boring place for lunch. I mean, why can't we go to the mall instead to a neighbourhood eating place, it's the weekends, you know! I wasn't too pleased but didn't want to end up in an argument so I took his suggestion.

The lunch was fine and I took a snooze when we got home. I supposed my body needed that rest badly. Just when I thought that the day was going to end in a boring manner, he suggested that we should go to FRIM (nature reserve) and I agreed.

FRIM is in Kepong but we missed the turn off and didn't make it there but we found another nice park to go to as we travelled along the highway. We were attracted by the colourful flights in the air, I couldn't believe my eyes, there were so many beautiful kites in the park!

As we entered the park, there was a huge playground next to the open field where all the kite enthusiasts gathered. Clayton had such a ball of a time in the park... it was one of the more beautiful playground in Kuala Lumpur. Why didn't anyone tell us that? Though it was a little crowded, we didn't mind and all we did was to keep a watch eye on Clayton.

He climbed, ran, walked, slided, jumped, swing and did everything a child would do when they spotted such a delightful playground. The park is huge and windy and is encircled by a big lake. You could see people fishing, cycling, jogging, strolling, sitting around... there is even a 'reflexology' stone pavement for those who need to activate their foot pressure points.

Last but not least, who would have expect that the sunset here in Kepong is golden and unbeatable, just like what I witnessed in Hawaii, minus the coconut trees and humidity...

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shoppingmum said...

I love the sunset pic!