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25 January, 2008

recruitment is a daunting task

Since the start of the year, DH has been focusing on recruiting a couple of staff for our company and sad to say, the outcome has been bleak. I am shocked that so many interviewees stood the employers up even though they said that they would come for the interview. What have they been taught in their schools and by their parents, I wonder? I would expect them to give a call if they change their minds.

These days, recruitment is a daunting task for most employers. I wonder if it's time to seek help from head hunters or professional recruitment companies like A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc. who specializes in risk management jobs placement, human resource consulting, IT, communication and more. Appointing a recruitment company to take over the recruitment process can ease lots of stress and unnecessary frustrations for the employers.

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Lawn Chair Millionaire said...

Recruitment is a daunting task no matter what ever business we do. That too, when we are into home business we tend to compromise on the professional front which in my opinion causes downfall in certain cases.