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19 January, 2008

Destination by YellowRen

It had been a long time since I visited Evangel family church again. Though I had left Evangel for 8 years to date, it still felt like home whenever I got a chance to worship in that church. I had grown up in Evangel and through in all, it will always be close to my heart.

It was nice to catch up over lunch with Pas Lim and Pas Marion, Pas Dale, Pas Chui, Pas Mong Yee and Dayna. Clayton found company with Joseph and I was at one point worried that he would get too rough with him.

Pas Mong Yee was gracious to give me the DVD of the Destination Tour produced by YellowRen, a trio made up of Dayna, Pas Mong Yee and Chee Kong. Listening to the CD always brings me memories of those days when I used to sing with Dayna and Pas Mong Yee. I didn't know I missed singing so much... it's been so long.

Destination is a great collection of gospel mandarin songs and you should check out the website for more info.

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