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20 January, 2008

i'm a travel freak!

It seems funny but overnight, my house is filled with 4 new luggages in the span of three months. We bought a luggage for our trip and ended up with three others - one High Sierra Duffel bought in Waikiki and two others loaned to us by DH's auntie. Actually, we won't be able to store all our new stuff if not for all these luggages and it took me a week to unpack everything. Yes, I did ALL the unpacking and DH would only keep peeking.

Finally, we put all the luggages away and they will be empty for a while til our next family vacation. It's time to get back to the daily routine and work towards another well-deserved holiday for this year :)

Told you I'm a travel freak!

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San Antonio Kango said...

Here's a hot tip for anyone thinking of buying luggage--

Don't buy black!

I realized the last time I took a trip that I had a suitcase that looked like every other suitcase on the carousel. It took forever to identify mine. Next time I'm buying orange. Or pink. Or something that I can recognize on sight.