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30 April, 2008

an entrepreneur journey

Nowadays, it is easy to find a franchise opportunity if you are all set to become your own boss. From selling donuts to sandwiches, pretzels to ice-cream, starting a franchise means you can ride on an existing brand name and build your business. DH used to own a franchise but after five years of toil and struggles, he decided to call it a day. The high overheads including rental cost and expensive franchise fees had made it very hard to break even and sustain the business. Though it was a challenging journey, the lessons learned had been valuable for him. At least, he had become wiser and less idealistic after this experience.


Faraz said...

No doubt it is difficult to run any business nowadays due to the rising prices. In my opinion the bet business is the online business, it requires a little more work than the real world business but once you're set you're set for life :)

Une Boutique Tres Chic said...

I imagine they are quite tough. Still, nothing beats working for yourself. You just have to keep trying an trying till you find the right opportunity.

Sorry to hear about your PR by the way!