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16 June, 2008

hello Micah!

This little boy stole our hearts... he reminded us of the first days when Clayton was born... so tiny, so sweet, so gentle, so calm, so meek and so cuddly... no words could express our joy for his arrvial to the Ong family... God is good.

He tried so hard to open his eyes!

He was trying to smile in his sleep :)

He was distracted!

I haven't held a newborn for a long time :)

Spreading his eagle's wings!


Kess & Her Mama said...

Cool shots! He is most adorable, as is Clayton!

Tracy Tan said...

you caught him smiling :)

Bouncer said...

oh baby!!

really very cute pics

wine store said...

Great pictures. You are almost like a pro. Keep up the good work.

website design said...

These pictures remind me about my childhood, i am eager to have photo like this