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06 November, 2008

A bad cut on the chin - ouch!

How many mothers know that it's so heart sick when your child has a bad fall or has an accident?

My little boy slipped in the long bath two days ago and it traumatised him badly. It was the worse fall ever and he had a bad cut on his chin. He was screaming in pain and all I could do was to hold him close and pray. He refused any treatments and would struggle so hard when I tried to put a bandage over that cut. I almost thought he needed stitches cos I could see the open wound but I knew that he wouldn't allow that. Finally, after much struggling and 'forcing', I managed to put a op-site plaster over the cut.

Thank God the bleeding stopped and he's now back to his old tricks... I'm praying for a nice healing of the wound and that there'll no scar left behind. I'm truly thankful to God for His protection... it could have been worse...

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