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11 November, 2008

toggling among a full list of tasks

It's been a very busy two weeks for me. I find myself toggling with many tasks on my plate. With the short time window to complete some work that requires full concentration, my mind is often torn and distracted once the clock strikes at 4pm. This is the time my active and chatty four year old will be shouting 'Hi Mama' from the door.

It's nice to hear his voice greeting me though that also spells, "there goes your personal time, Doris". You probably don't believe this but I'm still haven't penned down all my travel details for our upcoming tokyo trip next friday. My Firefox browser window has almost 10 windows opened and I often toggled one after another, depending on what my mind is after.

Oooh... I'm hoping to do another trip to SG this weekend before the long vacation. I just thought it would be nice to see mom before my trip. I'm back to my multiple browser windows for now... I need to find out how to reserve my shinkansen train tickets when I get to Japan! Does my hubby know that I'm working hard on our travel itinerary?

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