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14 November, 2008

book hotel accommodation online

I'm a big believer for online accommodation reservations - I seriously do! It saves time, hassle and money! All you need to do is some research to compare hotel rates and if you need, read some travel reviews in the travel forums such as trip advisor or virtual tourist and you can get our travel planning going. It's that simple. Whether you are booking las vegas hotels or any asia hotels, online hotel reservation makes it so convenient and simple!

Of the so many travel search engines I frequently, hotels.com and travelocity top my list of travel booking sites. The nice thing about Hotels.com is that you don't need to make a prepayment and most hotel accommodations allow you to cancel 3 days before your arrival date, with no penalty charges. As for Travelocity, the Good Buy hotels require you to make a prepayment. In other words, you will forfeit your payment should any cancellation arises due to last minute change in your travel itinerary.

If you are planning to book your hotel accommodations this holiday season, check out these travel coupons and savings from hotels.com:

$20 off with 3 night booking!

$30 off with 5 night booking!

$50 off with 8 night booking!

$75 off with 10 night booking!

$100 off with 12 night booking!

Need help to search a hotel for your coming vacation, find the best/lowest rates here:

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