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22 January, 2009

2nd pilates session

Today is the 2nd session of my pilates class at Pilatique and it is also my first encounter on the reformer. Last week, the session focused on the basic foundation of pilates and the correct breathing techniques. Today marks the beginning of a more intensive workout on those unused core muscles.

I have to say that working out on the reformer is fun. You actually learn to control and work those core muscles and after that one hour of workout, Eliza (my pilates partner) and myself could feel that our legs were tired and 'soft'... it felt like we had just climb a steep hill. We were tired!

It feels good to start a fitness program like pilates at the start of the year. For the least, I won't need to worry about Lipovox or other diet pills. Following a good fitness program means that I can stay trim, keep fit and meet my personal health goals.

We are moving into month two of 2009 in a week's time. If you have yet to begin your health goals, it's still not too late to start now.

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