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24 January, 2009

tradition says, traditional says...

New Year decorations in China townImage by Hatters! via FlickrSo glad that I can resume my blogging in Singapore this trip. Though I wish my macbook pro is as light as the Sony Vaio, I can't wait to travel with my new MSI Wind U100 in my future overseas trips.

It seems hard to gain understanding from people why I'm back in my hometown for Chinese New Year reunion but honestly, I don't really bother about what they think. To each his own so everyone has his or her reasons for making certain decisions and doing certain things.

The common answer is "tradition says...." oh well, as if these people follow traditions ALL the time. Traditions were created by men and not all were good to follow and most of the time, people followed them blindly. Having said that, some traditions are good to keep though they are not 'hard and fast' rules to be followed. At the end of the day, life is about choices.

Tradition says, traditional says, traditional says and in the end, people get upset, get hurt and kick a big fuss. For me this time, I'm just glad to be free from mozzie haven and all the excessive packing. I have to confess that the only thing I miss is spending this occasion with DH... but I have to respect his decision and I appreciate the fact that he respects mine.

Thank you my darling...

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