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18 January, 2009

my blessed boy

This is the third week of Clayton's first year of kindie. Tomorrow is also the first time he'll be in school uniform. Unfortunately, the school uniform seems too big for him and mommy would have to get them replaced.

Come february, we have decided to try him out on ASP (After school programme) as he is getting bored every afternoon after he comes back from kindie. Instead of those extensive hours in front of the tv, ASP keeps him busy and at the same time, enriches him. This would also mean that we've got my free time to build our online business and do more during those 3.5 hours he's in school.

My little boy is growing up so fast. Everyday, he's learning new tricks, using new vocabulary and pushing new boundaries. Parenting can be tough and challenging on some days but the fact that I can give my love to nurture a little one brings me lots of unspoken joy.

I am so blessed to be mother to my little boy. Despite his monkey tricks, he's so precious, so unique and so blessed.

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